Basic Facts

Mission Statement


Institutional Framework
The Centre of Regional Science is part of the Department of Spatial Development, Infrastructure and Environmental Planning in the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien).
Scientific Approach
The Centre of Regional Science focuses on the analysis of urban and regional structures, developments and processes. In this scientific field the main challenge consists in revealing causal relations behind economic, social and spatial processes in cities and regions and consequently in discovering the driving forces of spatial development. This systemic approach is a solid base for creating strategies and instruments on the one hand and for assessing the effects of projected measures on the other. Thus, research in the Centre of Regional Science is not exclusively geared to scientific challenges, but also to its applicability to policy makers, planning institutions, investors, lobbies, non governmental organisations or other stakeholders.
Scientific Tradition
The Centre of Regional Science is embedded in various international scientific networks (see "Participation in networks") and has a long tradition of co-operation with different universities, firms, planning departments and public authorities (see "Research partners"). Both research and teaching activities stand in the scientific tradition of Regional Science, which aims at explaining spatial structures and processes in formal models based on economic, sociologic and geographical theories. Scientific work also relates to Economic and Social Geography, which generally follow a more inductive and descriptive approach. The empirical application of this theoretical framework makes use of different quantitative and qualitative methods and indicators, which are commonly attributed to the scientific field of regional analysis. For that purpose Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are not only used for visualising but also for analysing spatial data.
Challenges and Goals
The main goals of the Centre of Regional Science are

preparing, discussing and refining existing theories and methodologies in the field of regional science and applying them to current planning issues,

explaining spatial structures and trends comprehensively as well as identifying current challenges and problems in urban and regional development,
providing decision support for public autorities (e.g. urban, regional, national and European planning departments) and private actors (e.g. firms, investors, non governmental organisations, lobbies, civil society) by identifying alternative planning strategies, instruments and measures,

establishing a close link between research and teaching by introducing relevant results of current research in lectures, exercise courses and seminars.

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